Dale Hall Community Primary School

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School Data

59% of children at Dale Hall achieved expected level in reading, writing and maths. This was inline with the national average. 
The local authority achieved 55% (difference +4%) 

                                                           Diff              Greater Depth           Diff
Reading  Sch 68%    LA:  71%  -      - 5%             Sch 31%    LA: 27%    +4%
Writing    Sch 70%   LA:   68%         +2%            Sch  14%   LA: 12%     +2%
Maths      Sch 81%    LA:   70%          +11%           Sch  41%   LA: 21%    +20%

Progress Scores (From KS1-KS2)
Reading    0.0       LA -0.5
Writing     +1.1        LA -0.3
Maths       + 3.2      LA-0.6
KS1 Teacher Assessment
Reading   Sch  53%      LA  65%     -12%
Writing    Sch  58%      LA   57%      +1%
Maths      Sch  58%      LA  68%     -10%

Our focus this year will be on improving children's progress and attainment in reading and investing in high quality texts to share at home. 

71% of children at Dale Hall achieved expected level in reading, writing and maths.
The local authority achieved 54%.       
Difference +16% 
National results: 59%                             
Difference of + 11%
Reading  Sch 79%    LA:  71%          + 8
Writing    Sch 81%   LA:   66%          +15%
Maths      Sch 79%    LA:   67%          +12%
Progress Scores (From KS1-KS2)
Reading    -0.2       LA -0.5
Writing     +1.9      LA -0.3
Maths       + 1.8      LA-0.6
KS1 Teacher Assessment
Reading   Sch  56%      LA   63%     -7%
Writing    Sch  45%      LA   54%     - 9%
Maths      Sch  61%       LA   64%       -3%
Due to the pandemic and the children missing out on their time in EYFS and Year 1 our results were lower than we would normally expect. Writing is a focus for the school as a whole, in particular spelling and grammar. Our handwriting is improving but we still need to offer the children more opportunities to practise and improve. 
(LA = Local Authority Suffolk)
45% of our pupils achieved a good level of development. This was a significant fall compared to recent years. We know that the children's starting points were much lower due to Covid and lockdowns preventing them form accessing nursery and socialising with their family and friends. We are going to measure the level of development at the end of December 2022 (now that they are in Year One) to show we have closed the gaps. We are aiming for 85%.
Local Authority Suffolk : 62% (Difference of 18%)
During the Corona virus pandemic the government decided not to produce any standardised testing in primary schools.
However, standardised tests are only one measure of how children are performing in schools. We believe in supporting and assessing the 'whole child', as do OFSTED. They judge the school on four different areas:
Quality of Education, Behaviour and Attitudes, Leadership and Management and Personal Development. When we were visited by Ofsted in 2019 we were judged as 'good' in all 4 areas. 
The quality of education in Early Years is a separate judgement. We were again judged as 'good' across all areas.
For more details and to see how this applies to Dale Hall, please visit the OFSTED page.