Year 3

Home learning
We will be sharing a weekly learning menu on this page which will be available from first thing Monday mornings.  The learning menu will mirror what we are teaching key worker children who are in school.  The expectation is that children working from home do the English and Maths lessons daily so that once we return to normal teaching all children are at the same point.
We are trialing live lessons 3 times per week from 18th January. Children are welcome to stay online at the end of these lessons if there is anything they are unsure about from that lesson or anything else over the week.
Children working at home should please aim to share at least 2 pieces of maths and English over each week, more if they would like to.
Please contact us via Dojo if you have any questions or queries relating to the learning menu and the continuation of your child's education whilst at home.
Starters: Normal 'homework' activities -  20 minutes daily.
Main Course: English AND Maths daily.
White Rose Maths - Watch video and have a go at the worksheet. Don't worry if you can't print off the sheet, just record your answers on paper in the same format.
English: Video and activities.
Dessert:  Daily activities that mirror the learning children in school are doing.
Sides: These are completely optional and provided in case children are getting bored!
Our Power Of Reading book this term is:
The Pebble In My Pocket - A History Of Our Earth by Meredith Hooper & Chris Coady.
This narrative takes the reader into the deep and distant past to witness the formation of the rock from whence came the pebble held by the child in the first picture. A factual text blended with literary language and illustrated with cross-hatched pictures in earthy colours. The life story of a pebble, seen as part of a much wider picture, nothing less than the history of the earth itself.
Homework Expectations
We try to keep this to a minimum at Dale Hall, believing time spent with family and joining in with other activities is equally important.
However, it is ESSENTIAL that children do engage with what is set, especially given the extended period of learning these pupils missed this year.
TTRockstars - Daily for just 5 minutes (little and often is the key to mastery).
Numbots - 2-3 times a week for 10 minutes.
Reading - Daily for at least ten minutes, when possible with an adult. 
Spelling - Spelling Shed activities.
Thank you for your support.
General Information- Year 3
Welcome to Year 3!  It promises to be another exciting year - we'll be working as park rangers, archaeologists and underground explorers as we find out about looking after wildlife, the stone age, what happened when the Romans invaded Britain and much, much more!
Your guides on these adventures will be:  Mr Hatcher, who is excited to be entering his third year of teaching at Dale Hall,  Mr Parker who is equally excited to be entering his 20th and Mr Catchpole, who many of you already know and is here to do his teacher training.
Miss Shaw and Mrs Ardern will join us on Monday afternoons, initially teaching French and RE.  Mrs Ardern will also be teaching music on Thursday afternoons.
We will be ably assisted by our wonderful teaching assistants, Mrs Dyes, Mrs Gowers and Mrs Eley.
Some children will do Forest Schools with Mrs Eldred on Mondays, others will do PE with Ant from Premier Sports.
More information about the arrangements for Year 3 and this term's learning are in the documents below.
Our Classrooms
We have worked really hard on making sure our classrooms are still inviting and nurturing spaces as well as being Covid Safe. Children have their own places to sit and their own equipment. Displays are updated regularly so they represent the learning that is taking place in the classes. In Year 4 we make our classrooms immersive in line with our Power of Reading book.
We are disappointed we won’t get the opportunity to meet the parents as we normally would at the start of an academic year, so have made a short PowerPoint to introduce ourselves and provide you with all of the relevant information about the upcoming year.

Mr Toby Hatcher

Kestrels Class Teacher

Hi everyone. I am really looking forward to this year. I am entering my third year of teaching and also my third year in Year 3!

About Me

I am a keen sportsman and also Sports Leader at the school. I look forward to delivering some challenging but enjoyable PE lessons to you all! (I will be teaching both classes on Thursday for PE). I also enjoy travelling whenever I can. I am unfortunately an Ipswich Town fan but luckily Mr Parker is a Tottenham fan so we are both grumpy on a Monday morning!

Mr Jonathan Parker

Owls Class Teacher

Hello everyone. I have been teaching at Dale Hall for 20 years now(!), so you probably know me already! I am they Key Stage 2 Phase Leader and also lead maths across the whole school.

About Me

In my spare time my main hobbies are watching football (I support Tottenham Hotspur) and travelling – so it hasn’t been a great year so far! I also love reading, especially mysteries and spooky stories.

Mr Luke Catchpole

Owls Trainee Teacher

Information we would like you to know

For Owls Only

Mr Catchpole will be your teacher on a Friday. Many of you, if not all of you will have met Mr Catchpole who has been around the school for many years

Mrs Eley

Year 3 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Dyes

Year 3 Teaching Assistant

This term we are practicing the three and four times tables and will revisit the twos, fives and tens. Guaranteed success with daily practice!