You can find our full staff list below.

Leaders of Learning

Mrs Sarah Jane Hines

Reception Teacher & Science leader

Mrs Lauren Jenkins

Reception Teacher

Mrs Kerri Clements

Nursery Nurse (Starfish Class)

Miss Emily Grover

Year 1 Teacher

Miss Ellie Green

Student Teacher (Year 1)

Mrs Paula Parrish

Year 2 Teacher & DT Leader

Mr Adam Glover

Year 2 Teacher & PE/sports leader

Mr Toby Hatcher

Year 3 Teacher & Sports leader

Mr Luke Catchpole

Student Teacher (Year 3)

Mrs Lisa Graham

Year 4 Teacher & English leader

Mrs Charlotte Ross

Class teacher & Thrive Leader

Mr Jack Bolton

Year 4 Teacher

Mr Aaron Spalding

Year 5 Teacher and Geography leader

Mrs Kirsty Critchley

Year 5 teacher & KS2 Forest School Leader

Mrs Carolyn Watkins

Year 5 Teacher (Fridays)

Miss Viki Killeen

Currently on Maternity Leave Year 6 Teacher and History leader

Miss Laura Bailey

Year 6 Teacher

Office Staff

Mrs Louise Wegg

Office Manager

Miss Julia Pidgeon

School Secretary

 Premises and Cleaning Staff
Mr D Millar- Site Manager
Mr G Smith
Mrs C Bolt
Mr C Gardiner
Ms D Morgan
Mrs S Suchowij
Miss K Holland
Senior Leaders

Mrs Jo Dedicoat

Headteacher, Art leader

Mrs Jade Spalding

Deputy Headteacher, Yr 6 and curriculum lead

Mrs Laura Goodfellow

Assistant Headteacher for KS2 & Yr 6 Teacher

Mrs Vici Morris

Assistant Headteacher for EYFS/KS1 & Reception Teacher

Mrs Frith Allum

KS1 Phase leader, ICT leader & Yr 2 Teacher

Mrs Lizzie Cattermole

EYFS Phase Leader, Phonics, spelling and continuous provision lead. Year 1 Teacher

Mr Jon Parker

KS2 Leader, Maths Leader & Yr 3 Teacher

Mrs Roxanne Downes

Business Manager

The Inclusion Team

Mrs Dawn Leeks

Inclusion Manager

Inclusion Support Team:

Miss C Utting - Family Liason & Year 6

Mrs C Hambrook Moore (Tuesday only)

Miss C Blades - Reception

Mrs E Berry - Year 1

Miss L Bown - Year 1

Mrs Wilson - Year 2

Mrs J Gowers - Year 3

Miss C Blackbeard - Year 4

Miss B Maddison - Year 5

HLTAs and Cover Supervisors


Mrs C Ardern- RE leader

Miss S Shaw

Forest School Lead

Mrs M Eldred

Cover Supervisors:

Mrs J Powell

Mrs M Eldred

Miss C Blackbeard (pm only)

Teaching Assistants
Miss B Barker    Miss A Patal

Year 1

Mrs J Ross    Mrs C Wells   

Year 2

Mrs T Abbott    Mrs C Ling    

Year 3

Mrs R Eley    Mrs M Dyes    

Year 4

Mrs C Hearsum     Mrs S Trett    

Year 5

Mrs P Brown    Mrs Wilce    

Year 6

Mrs M Ward    Mrs G Shefford  
Remote Learning Assistant 
Mr A Hardwick
 Lunchtime Staff
Mrs J Watson (Head of Kitchen)

Mrs J Hutton

Mrs D Metcalfe

Mrs E Rose

Senior Midday Supervisor

 Mrs J Bray

Midday Supervisors

Miss L Auty

Mrs C Brennan

Mrs A Cattermole

Mrs R Gray

Miss D Griggs

Miss K Holland

Mrs T Hutton

Mrs T Knott

Mrs C Paulley

Mrs C Purcell

Mrs L Scoging

Mrs P Tarrant

Miss C Wegg

Mrs S Wilcox

Mrs P Wilson