Parents' Views

Parent opinions, wishes and vision for our school
Collected by Angela Gage Chair of Governors
Nice friendly school
Friendly, family, caring, supportive, kindness
Teachers are brilliant they go above and beyond for the kids
No problems being here: they keep you well informed
A community feeling, a family, kindness and fairness and happy children
We get good communication via parent mail.
A lovely and friendly school. Its inviting.
A lovely environment with a family feel. Recommended a friend to come here.
Brilliant staff. Patient and child focussed. A happy environment for the children.
A safe happy school. No problems. They teach good values. It is exactly what I want from a
primary school.
I like the individual way children are thought about by the staff as a whole. What a child
needs is put in place. Children are individuals.
Dale Hall gets this right more than other schools. (J. Jones Child Psychotherapist)
It has healthy school status, school facebook page, tapestry. Good communication via parent mail.
Being safe and being happy. Children are thriving and learning
Its inclusive, children are learning. A safe school.
A good school with a family feel. Sporting and cares for the whole child.
The breakfast club is fantastic. Know the children are safe and feeling happy. It is easier to
go to work.
Happy children, friendly and family feel. Communication is good, You know what is going on at school and get information about your child and how they are getting on.
Like the sports, science, maths, the grounds. Inclusive, Teaching is excellent and amazing.
JD is an awesome head. She is hands on, reachable and gets stuck in and deals with things.
They care about health and mental health. Child focused. No pressure on children. They
are happy to come to school. Happy children want to learn.
Happiness- they are happy to come to school and enjoy learning/ A friendly school and
supportive. Children feel safe.
A good learning environment, I like the levels of challenge and child centered approach. Good