Our school- Year 6 views 2018

My name is Josh and I love Dale Hall Primary School. One of  the many reasons why I enjoy attending this school every day is because I wake up and know that I will enjoy the great day ahead of me.There are some people like me in this school that might not be your everyday child because they are special in their own way, some more noticeable than others but that doesn't stop us. From the help of our willing staff people like me can enjoy the day as much as others. 
My name is Poppy I  love Dale Hall School because all the staff are nice and when they joke I  find it funny. I like the fun learning and if you need help all the teachers will be there for you.There are lot's of fun clubs for at lunch and after school that you can attend.
My name is Charlie and I  like Dale Hall School,one of the reasons why I like this school is because the lessons can be calm and also exciting like art. The field is spacious so there is lot's of space to have fun with your  friends. 
Hi my name is Monty and I love coming to Dale Hall Primary because the teaches are amazing and will always care for the pupils and  will help you if you are stuck. One of my favorite reason way I love coming to this school  Is because of  the amazing clubs at this school and how the staff look after you if  you are not in  a great mood. 
My name is Amelia- first of all I like the school because everyone here has their own way of learning and they are unique.The teachers are always there to help you with learning and problems also they are there for a laugh and a joke. Everyone is comfortable at this school.  
Dale Hall Song
By Jack (Aged 6)
Dale Hall O!
My favourite school!
It's the only school I could be.
Oh I am just so lucky!
All together in just Dale Hall school,
It really is the most relaxable.
WOW! What a great meal I've just had.
Fish and chips!
I LOVE being challenged at Dale Hall.
I am a growth hero.