How do we promote languages at Dale Hall?


Communication is at the heart of our relationships with others and our understanding of the world around us.  Learning a foreign language fosters our curiosity about other countries and provides a window into other cultures, increasing understanding and empathy.  It can introduce us to new ways of thinking and provides a strong foundation for learning other languages in the future.


At Dale Hall, French is taught in KS2 with a wide range of topics covered through the RIGOLO programme. Children are given the opportunity to read, write, speak and listen in French through interactive games, roleplay, stories, songs and worksheets. We have recently introduced Duolingo to years 4, 5, and 6. Duolingo is an online language learning app which offers a range of interactive modules designed to build on prior knowledge. We have been amazed at how many children have been using Duolingo at home to continue and support their learning!

Mrs Abbott and Mrs Ardern's Home Learning challenges
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