Year 4

General Information
In September of each year there is a Parents' Information Meeting. This is an opportunity for parents to meet their child's new teacher and hear about the work the children will be doing as well as a chance for the teacher to pass on any information to parents.
Foxburrow Farm
Learning how the Anglo Saxons lived
We had a brilliant day at Foxburrow Farm.  We practised lots of the crafts the Anglo Saxons needed to know to build their homes, keep warm, cook their food and keep themselves fed.
Our Visit to the Dales
We have been to the Dales with Lucy from the Suffolk Wildlife Trust.  We played games to help us understand the relationship between predators and prey, learnt how to use a key to identify freshwater invertebrates and went pond dipping to investigate the ecosystem beneath the water.
Classifying Biscuits
We have been creating our own keys to identify biscuits.  We had to think of questions that could only have a yes or no answer; not as straightforward as we thought at first!  We developed our observational skills and had to work as a group to complete the key.
We have been listening to, performing and writing poems based on the work of Joseph Coelho in his collection Werewolf Club Rules.
EAGLES: Miss Webb
HAWKS: Mrs Ambrose