Year 4

General Information
In September of each year there is a Parents' Information Meeting. This is an opportunity for parents to meet their child's new teacher and hear about the work the children will be doing as well as a chance for the teacher to pass on any information to parents.
Our Summer Term topic
We've been learning about instructional writing, so to combine our English and Science, we have made some short instructional films so you can carry out the same experiment at home!
Modelling digestion
How many blocks does it take to build a pyramid?  Year 4 have been investigating with Lego bricks.  What would happen if we changed the size of the blocks?  How many will it take if we make sure the height of the pyramid is the same as the length of one of the sides of the base?
Dotty designs
We used folk art techniques, building designs with dots using the "wrong" end of the paintbrush, to create designs which we used on greetings cards.
Mummifying a tomato
EAGLES: Miss Webb
The children in year 4 were heard comparing the hieroglyphs outside the two classrooms and working out what the signs might mean.
HAWKS: Mrs Ambrose
This is what the children found at the classroom entrance on their first day back.  They were quickly trying to work out what the hieroglyphs meant.
Sands of Time
We have investigated why the Ancient Egyptian civilisation grew up around the River Nile.  We have discovered lots of interesting facts about daily life in Ancient Egypt.  Some of the crops they grew and animals they raised are surprisingly familiar to us, despite the huge difference in the climate!
Oliver and the Seawigs
We are reading a great book called Oliver and the Seawigs by Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre.  We have acted out the scenes, written profiles and missing person reports for the main characters and investigated how the authors bring a scene to life through their use of figurative language.  Here is some of the work the book has inspired.
Ancient Egypt Homework
Here is just some of the fantastic work resulting from our homework research project.
Making books
For book week we made some circular books with pockets that we could put extra, hidden surprises in:  maps, text, letters, characters, and "did you know?" additional facts in our non-fiction texts.  They needed careful folding to make them work!
Our finished books
It took a long time to make our books but we are really proud of the results.  The children chose what to write about, so we have a mixture of stories and non-fiction books, all beautifully illustrated and carefully bound.
What makes our teeth decay?
We are experimenting using boiled eggs in different liquids to try to find out.