Year 2

General Information
In September of each year there is a Parents' Information Meeting. This is an opportunity for parents to meet their child's new teacher and hear about the work the children will be doing as well as a chance for the teacher to pass on any information to parents.
WHALES: Miss Nixon and Mrs Allum
Welcome to our class page.
Our teachers are Miss Nixon and Mrs Allum 
These are other adults that work in our class:
Mrs Abbott Mrs Ardern
Whale Clip Art
Welcome to Dolphins class page
Our teacher is Mr Glover
These are the other adults in our class:
Mrs Trett
Mrs Abbott
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Spring Two
Our topic this half term is 'Indian Adventure' 
We have been sharing the book Pattan's Pumpkin.  Please don't share the book at home yet, not even the front cover! 
We will be learning about the culture, climate and traditions of India, we will even be learning some  traditional 'Bollywood' style dance moves!
These are some of the poems written by children in Whales class, we think they are amazing.
The firework spun as quickly as a cheetah.
The firework banged as loudly as a banshee.
The firework zoomed as quickly as a rocket in space.
The firework span as slowly as a spinning top.
By Hayley
The firework zoomed as speedily as a leopard.
The firework glittered as brightly as dragons fire.
The firework crackled as loudly as a nice tiger.
By Tyler
The firework spun as speedily as a wheel.
The firework shone as brightly as a lamp.
The firework popped as loud as popcorn.
The firework shimmered as beautifully as a rainbow.
The firework whistled as a noisily as a whale singing.
By Erin