Senior Leaders
  • Mrs Vici Morris

    EYFS Leader

  • Mrs Sarah Kirk

    EYFS Leader

  • Mrs Jayne Wells

    Year 1/2 Leader and Year 1 Class Teacher

  • Miss Jade Nixon

    Interim Deputy Head and Year 2 Teacher

  • Miss Charlotte Webb

    Science Leader and Year 3/4 Leader

  • Mrs Chris Ambrose

    English leader and Year 4 teacher

  • Mrs Kirsty Critchley

    Year 5/6 and Forest School's Leader and Year 5 teacher.

  • Mrs Jo Dedicoat

    Interim Head Teacher and Year 5 Teacher

  • Mr Jon Parker

    Maths Leader and Year 6 Teacher

  • Mrs Laura Goodfellow

    Interim Deputy Headteacher,Sendco and Year 6 Teacher

  • Mrs Roxanne Downes

    Business Manager

Teaching Assistants 

Mrs J Brooke, Mrs R Eley, Mrs D Parker, Mrs A Rumsby

Year 1

Mrs P Brown, Mrs L Fisk, Mrs M Wilce

Year 2

Mrs T Abbott, Mrs S Trett

Year 3

Mrs M Dyes

Year 4

Mrs C Hearsum

Year 5

Mrs J Closs

Year 6

Miss J Pidgeon, Mrs M Ward
Pupil Premium 
Miss L Carrington, Mrs C Ling

HLTAs:   Mrs Carly Ardern, Mrs Sue Abbott

Cover Supervisor: Mrs M Eldred                                               

Sports Coach: Mr M Westcott                                                                   

Inclusion Support Team: Mrs C Hambrook Moore   Mrs N Tuck   Mr D Garner  Mrs J Gowers

Librarian: Mrs R Calver    

  • Mrs Lizzie Cattermole

    Year 1 Transition Leader and Year 1 Teacher

  • Mrs Frith Allum

    IT leader and Year 2 Teacher

  • Mr Adam Glover

    KS1 PE/ Geography Leader and Year 2 Teacher

  • Mr Emmanuel Ogundiran

    PP leader and Year 5 Teacher. KS 2 PE Leader.

  • Mrs Paula Parrish

    DT Leader and Year 3 Teacher

  • Mrs Sarah Jane Hines

    PSHE co-ordinator and Year 3 Teacher

  • Mr Aaron Spalding

    Year 3 Teacher and NQT

  • Mrs Carolyn Watkins

    Year 4 Teacher

  • Mrs Lisa Graham

    Drama Leader and Year 6 Teacher

  • Mrs Elke Hunter

    Year 6 Teacher

Office Staff
  • Mrs Louise Wegg

    Office Manager

  • Mrs Laura Rayner

    School Secretary

Lunchtime Staff

Mrs J Watson(Cook)

Mrs J Hutton

Mrs D Metcalfe

Mrs E Rose

Miss C Wegg


Senior Midday Supervisor  

Mrs J Bray


Midday Supervisors

Mrs E Bennett


Mrs J Brooke


Mrs R Curtis


Mrs C Greenacre


Mrs R Gray


Miss K Holland


Mrs T Hutton


Mrs C Ling


Miss J Pidgeon


Mrs P Tarrant


Miss A Taylor


Mrs N Tuck


Miss C Utting


Mrs P Wilson

  • Mr David Millar

    Site Manager

Premises and cleaning Staff
Miss Bolt
Ms D Morgan
Mrs S Suchowij