Parents' Views

The school wishes to be kept informed about your views of our school. It is very useful if parents have a concern or are dissatisfied with an area of the school that they write or make an appointment to discuss this. Equally we would welcome your positive views.

We invite parents to put their views on to Parent View by clicking on the link below as we look as this approximately every 6 weeks. Please remember if you feel the necessity to tick the "Disagree" box, please let us know why. Ofsted will ask schools about these views and we need to be aware why some parents disagree.

Recent comments received after parents joined us in class for activities:



"It was so well organised, I felt like my daughter really learnt something new in every activity."
"Learning with my mum was brilliant, we found out lots!"
"We found out lots together, it was great!"
"My dad showed me how the circuits worked, I won’t forget that now"
"I enjoyed moving to each activity and finding out what was next."
"Who knew electricity could be so much fun?"
"This share meant we were learning together and enjoying learning too!"
"Having my Grandad in school was great, we did everything together and he taught me stuff I didn’t know."
"This is one of the best share sessions I’ve been to, rotating around each activity meant we were constantly learning!"



"I can’t believe how much they come on in 3 years of school. Are these children really only 7?"
"It was great to see how writing works from beginning to end."
"You forget where they started, it’s crazy how mature their writing is in Year 2."
"Going into every classroom meant we got to see the whole picture of writing. The same basics taught differently in each year group"
"Wow, the teachers teach writing in such creative ways, it wasn’t like this in my day!"
"I can’t believe how well our children write, it’s good to see what makes it happen!"
"You forget that writing involves grammar and spelling and sounds and joins, there is so much to learn!"
"Today was a brilliant idea, I’m glad the teachers made me wander around!"