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At Dale Hall we know that children arrive with a multitude of skills and talents which we work hard to support and extend. We offer a creative, inclusive, challenging curriculum that inspires future thinkers, innovators and problem solvers.
We offer an immersive environment that stimulates and supports high quality teaching and learning which is constantly evolving. To ensure that all learners exceed their potential academically, socially, emotionally and spiritually we place a huge importance on supporting the 'whole' child and aspire to create life long learners.
We offer a wide range of academic, musical, artistic and sporting activities and we are always pleased to show prospective pupils and parents around our school.
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 Mrs J Dedicoat
(Interim Headteacher)
Amber and Harrison visited my office today and were able to confidently share their mathematical thinking with me. They talked about the tens being 'chips' and the units being 'beans'. Amber taught Harrison how to be accurate by crossing out the tens and units once they had been counted. Great work Dolphins class.
March 2018
Dale Hall Celebrated an amazing Science Week!

We started off our exciting week with dressing up on Monday as mad scientists and some even dressed up as famous scientists too!

We had our Lower Phase and Upper Phase Science Fairs this week. The entries and explanations from the children were extraordinary! I was so impressed that I decided to give every contestant 5 house points and they each moved their name to the Rainbow or Silver star for being such excellent science ambassadors.

Tuesday and Wednesday also saw a special visit from Suffolk Wildlife Trust. The children learnt all about plastic and how is if effecting our oceans. Each child left their session with something they might change to help use less plastic.

Mad Science came by for some wow assemblies too and the children thoroughly enjoyed them, especially when a home made hover craft took children and teachers for a ride too!

Dale Hall are so lucky to have such amazing parents, thank you all so much for your support!

A fantastic week!

 Miss Webb

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Take a look at some of the creative and fun matchbox designs!
 Need cheering up? Why not click on the links below to see what our year 2 children think of the world..... and Prince Charles!
Here are some photos of our Science week....

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