Please look at the weather warnings for next week.
We will endeavour to stay open but should we need to close in the event of more than 50% of our staff not being able to make it in we will let you know via facebook and this website as well as Suffolk radio updates. Currently, Wednesday and Thursday are looking like causing the most disruption so my advice would be to have emergency child care in place just in case. We legally need to have someone in school who is safeguarding trained and able to make those crucial decisions.
Many of our teachers travel from Stowmarket area, Bury St Edmunds, Felixstowe, East Bergholt and Charsfield. Although it may be easy for you to walk your children to school, some of our staff will have problems even leaving their driveway!
Please be assured that we will do our best to stay open but remember the school is not 'Child Care'. We have a duty of care to all the children and staff at Dale Hall and the safety of everyone is always paramount.
Welcome to Dale Hall Community Primary School

At Dale Hall we know that children arrive with a multitude of skills and talents which we work hard to support and extend. We offer a creative, inclusive, challenging curriculum that inspires future thinkers, innovators and problem solvers.
We offer an immersive environment that stimulates and supports high quality teaching and learning which is constantly evolving. To ensure that all learners exceed their potential academically, socially, emotionally and spiritually we place a huge importance on supporting the 'whole' child and aspire to ceate life long learners.
We offer a wide range of academic, musical, artistic and sporting activiites and we are always pleased to show prospective pupils and parents around our school.
If you would like further information please contact us or browse our website.
Mrs J Dedicoat
(Interim Headteacher)
Congratulations to our WONDERFUL Molly in Year 4 
for gaining a Blue Badge for her brilliant poem 'I wonder'.
We are so proud of you and now you can gain free 
entry to lots of UK attractions...
I Wonder
I have always wondered what happened ages ago,
Was the world almost burnt-
or was it covered in snow?
I have always wondered what happened ages ago,
Was there even any light perhaps the 
sun's shinning glow?
I have always wondered what happened ages ago,
Were there any bugs-
Including a mosquito?
I have just started to wonder what is ahead of me,
Will you and I live forever-
Or will war demolish my family?
Sometimes I wonder.
Dale Hall Song
By Jack (Aged 6)
Dale Hall O!
My favourite school!
It's the only school I could be.
Oh I am just so lucky!
All together in just Dale Hall school,
It really is the most relaxable.
WOW! What a great meal I've just had.
Fish and chips!
I LOVE being challenged at Dale Hall.
I am a growth hero.
Need cheering up? Why not click on the links below to see what our year 2 children think of the world..... and Prince Charles!
Sport at Dale Hall
On the 7th November our U11 mixed tag rugby team attended a festival held at St Joseph's College. There were 24 schools playing in three mini leagues. Our super team played 7 matches and won all 7. It was an amazing achievement and the team were a real credit to the school. As it was a festival there were no overall winners, but with a 100% record we topped our league.
I have also been really proud of all the children who have been helping get the squad ready by regularly attending the tag rugby club. We have been playing our own mini tournaments for the last few weeks and we would not have been as successful without this help.
Mr Glover

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