Year 6

Virtual Learning- updated for 01.03.21
Hi all!
If your child is unable to be at school due to a period of isolation, we have provided a learning menu that you can use to continue their education at home. The learning menu will look very similar to that which you used at home during school closures so hopefully, you should be familiar with how it works. The learning featured mimics that which your child would receive at school ensuring they're staying up to date with the learning covered and won't feel behind when they return to school.
Please contact us via Dojo if you have any questions or queries relating to the learning menu and the continuation of your child's education whilst at home.
Mrs Goodfellow and Miss Bailey- Year 6 Teachers 
Information about how english and maths lessons work remotely 
Just to clarify our detailed learning menu- The english and maths lessons are always taught in a sequence, as stated clearly on the Learning Menu-Monday-Friday. Myself and Miss Bailey post videos and links to these lessons daily to make it clear of objectives and expectations for the children.
Children should prioritise english and maths over the desert options 
Home Learning
This year, we will be sending home weekly and occasionally half termly Home Learning for your child to complete. Any Home Learning sent home will be an expectation of Year 6 and has been chosen to consolidate or embed skills that your child has been learning about or using within school.
For this half term, we would like children to complete the following:
TT Rockstars - 5 minutes each day will support instant recall of multiplication and division facts.
Reading - reading little and often each day will support fluency and comprehension. This does not have to always be reading independently; it could include reading to your child, reading collaboratively or listening to an audiobook. Remember, all completed books are worth points in our reading challenge - just ensure you complete a book review for each one.
Spellings - your child will be set spellings to learn each week via Spelling Shed. These will reflect the spellings we are tackling in school as well as some personal to your child and their progress.
Learning Menu Maths Resources from 01.03.21
Spelling Shed Resources 
Learning Menu English Resources from 01.03.21
no print outs for this week :)
Other Subjects Resources from Learning Menu from 01.03.21
Pupils in Jaguars are taught in a separate classroom Monday-Thursday mornings. Jaguars is a safe space to learn and means we can really focus on personalised provision and small step progress.
Mrs Spalding 
Our Timetable:
Your children will be taught by their main class teacher for all English and Maths in the morning and the majority of afternoon lessons, except on a Wednesday when it is PPA time for the class teachers. 
Monday: Both classes- Topic .
Tuesday: Both classes- Science
Wednesday: Leopards - PSHE and Art with Mrs Powell. Lions - PSHE and Art with Mrs Goodfellow
Thursday: Leopards - RE with Mrs Powell. Lions - PE with Ant
Friday: Leopards - PE with Ant. Lions - RE with Mrs Powell
Here's a little more about some of the staff members teaching in Year 6 this year...
Our classrooms
We have both worked really hard on making sure our classrooms are still inviting and nurturing spaces as well as being Covid Safe. Children have their own places to sit and their own equipment. Displays are updated regularly so they represent the learning that is taking place in the classes.
We have interactive displays, such as our Reading Challenge progress displays that encourage children to challenge themselves further.
Welcome to Year 6!
Our Topic: World War 2
Our Power of Reading text: The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas and Oranges in No Man's Land 
Year 6 is one of the most busy yet exciting years of your child's primary education. Over the course of this year, you will see your child grow, develop and achieve in more ways than you could imagine and it is our absolute pleasure to be a part of this journey alongside them. From staying away from home on residential trips to preparing for the transition to high school, your children will overcome challenges using the resilience and growth mindset that they've developed over the last 6 years at Dale Hall.
This page will detail some of the incredible learning opportunities your children will experience this year as well as key information, important dates and smaller updates on their day to day learning.
Our learning this half term
Friend or Foe?
During Spring Term 1 we will be learning about WW2.
The home front and what happened to the lives of civilians will be the basis of our topic and English learning.
In English we will be turning the tables a little and looking at a story about a German girl and what happened in her life when WW2 started.
We will then contrast this with a modern day book about the war in Syria and what life as a Refugee is like in our text: 'Oranges in No Man's Land'
we will also be learning about the life home in Britain and what happened to the children who were evacuated!
We will also be able to contrast and compare the differences between WW1 and WW2- especially the advance in weapons and equipment and why this war was mainly fought in the air.
The Class Teachers 

Miss Laura Bailey

Leopards Class Teacher

I'm so excited to begin my teaching journey at Dale Hall! I qualified as a teacher in July 2020 after working as a teaching assistant in a year 6 class for 4 years. I'm thrilled to be teaching in year 6 as I love the curriculum and all of the exciting challenges and events we come across as we begin the transition to the next phase of education.
I can't wait to get to know everyone properly once we all return to school.  

Mrs Laura Goodfellow

Assistant Headteacher for KS2 and Lions Class Teacher

I'm so excited about being back in the classroom and teaching year 6 again! I have now been at Dale Hall 11 years and during my time here I have had the privilidge of teaching many year 6 classes. I really do find teaching year 6 an enjoyable challenge- enabling children to progress ready for their next steps in education.
To be a class teacher as well as Assistant Head teacher for KS2 allows me to know in fine detail the steps children need to take in their learning- I also get to enjoy seeing how the children grow and progress from the start to year 3 to the when they leave in year 6!

Our Year 6 Teaching Assistants 
In Year 6, our TAs are Mrs Shefford and Mrs Ward.
Mrs Ward mainly supports in Lions and Mrs Shefford in Leopards.
In the afternoons both TAs do reactive Intervention with the classes.
Other adults that teach in Year 6 
Mrs Eldred:
Mrs Eldred will be running Forest School sessions with Year 6 throughout the school year. Each child in Year 6 will receive at least half a terms Forest school sessions on a Friday afternoon.
When your child will be having these sessions will be communicated to you via DOJO.
Mrs Powell:
Mrs Powell is our new cover supervisor to Dale Hall. She will be releasing Miss Killeen on a Wednesday afternoon to teach PSHE and Art to Leopards and will be covering Miss Killeen's PPA on a Thursday afternoon where she will be teaching RE.
She will also be teaching Lions on a Friday, taking over the role of Mrs Goodfellow's job share from Mrs Graham.
The children will know Ant of Premier Sport well as he has been working at Dale Hall to support and implement the teaching of Sport for some time now. 
He will be teaching PE to Lions on a Thursday to release Mrs Goodfellow for her PPA time and then teaching PE to Leopards on a Friday afternoon.
Key Dates:
Wednesdays - Your child will come into school with their class TA and be taught by them for the first part of the morning until 9.30am.
Thursdays - PE day for Lions. Children must come into school in their PE kit on this day. Your child will be seen out of school by either Mrs Powell or Ant.
Fridays - PE day for Leopards. Children must come into school in their PE kit on this day.