Happy 2023 and welcome back..

Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!
Year 6 is one of the most busy yet exciting years of your child's primary education. Over the course of this year, you will see your child grow, develop and achieve in more ways than you could imagine and it is our absolute pleasure to be a part of this journey alongside them. From staying away from home on residential trips to preparing for the transition to high school, your children will overcome challenges using the resilience and growth mindset that they've developed over the last 6 years at Dale Hall.
This page will detail some of the incredible learning opportunities your children will experience this year as well as key information, important dates and smaller updates on their day to day learning.
Meet the Teachers in Year 6 
Mr Jack Bolton

Lions Class Teacher - SEMH Lead

Hello everyone! I am extremely excited about teaching in Year 6 this year. We have put together a curriculum which I know is going to excite and inspire the children. We have selected an array of fantastic, thought provoking texts to base our learning around this year and I can't wait to get started.

My main aim this year is to ensure all children in Year 6 finish their time at Dale Hall well prepared for their next step in life. I will help guide the children to make sure they are taking responsibility for their learning and fulfilling their potential. Most importantly, I am determined to give Year 6 an unforgettable final year at Primary School!

Ms Kirsty Critchley

Leopards Class Teacher

Hello everyone,
I am thrilled to be able to work with the children this year as they work towards their moves to High school and can't wait to help them to enjoy every minute of their last year at Dale Hall. Working with children at this stage of their schooling is always such a privilege as they change and grow so much and make every day so different.
This year we have planned to use some incredible, thought-provoking texts that will open up lots of channels for discussion and give the chance for plenty of independent thought: things that I believe are of enormous value for our children. I am passionate about helping children to develop confidence and allowing them to find the best person that they can be and our work this year will aim to do these things.
Although I have been teaching for a VERY long time, every year I continue to learn so many new things from the children and I am looking forward to seeing what I learn this year.

Other adults that teach in Year 6 include Mrs Wilce (Lions TA) and Mrs Parker (Leopards TA) 

Our Power of Reading book this half term is The Princess' Blankets


It is about a princess who can never be warm and one day a stranger ‘with hard, grey eyes like polished stones’ arrives at the palace declaring that he can cure her malady. However, his solutions threaten the ocean, the forest, the mountain and the very earth itself and people’s way of life along with it. It is only when the princess finds true love with a kind and gentle musician that her heart and body can be unfrozen and warm tears flow.

Carol Ann Duffy’s poetic language makes this environmental fairy tale sing while Catherine Hyde’s tactile paintings evoke the colours and textures of the natural environment.

Leading by Example 
In Year 6 we encourage our children to take on responsibilities around the school and in the local community.
Our Year 6 Pupils run various Lunchtime Clubs, they are Play Leaders, Librarians, Sport Coaches and Peer Meditators, all supporting their younger peers to be the best version of themselves.