Year 5

The Viewer

This term we have been thoroughly enjoying our learning through our Power of Learning book, The Viewer written by Australian author, Gary Crew. The book was released in 1997 and, so far we know that the main character, (Tristan) is a keen explorer, who enjoys scavenging through rubbish in his local dump. 

One day, Tristan comes across an intriguing looking box. The contents of the box (a viewer), leads to many fascinating disc-coveries!

Shared Reading Time

After reading the book we discovered that some of our predictions were really good; we chose some key pages to help us re-enacted the story to some of our Year 2 ‘reading buddies’.


The Viewer has raised our awareness of pollution in the world around us. Along with the things we have learned from watching BBC's Drowning in Plastic, it has been a time of discussion about how we can begin to solve this problem.

How can we improve the environment around us? 

Recycling is an important way we can being to help the environment. In addition, some of us have been litter-picking on the school field. Litter-picking in our local parks would also help. 

On our visit to Christchurch park, the children picked litter and learned more about how much rubbish people fail to dispose of appropriately, and the impact this has on the park's wildlife.

PANTHERS: Mr Ogundiran
TIGERS: Mrs Critchley and
Mrs Graham