Happy 2023 and welcome back..

Year 5

This half term, Year 5 will be studying "Pea Boy" as our Power of Reading text. Elizabeth Laird has gathered a wealth of ancient Persia's (the old name for Iran) most delightfully, offbeat stories. Iran has mountains striped with snow, dense forests where bears and lynxes still roam, deserts, bazaars...but above all it has stories - of fairies and demons, of a monstrous metal eagle called the okab, of romantic cockroaches and foolish weavers. We will be using this text to explore persuasive writing, formal and informal letter writing as well as continuing to focus on spelling, punctuation and grammar. 
 This half term, we continue to look at the relationship between percentages, fractions and decimals. We will then begin our modules on area, perimeter and statistics. All of these concepts will enable a deeper understanding and mastery of mathematical relationships. This will be supported by our weekly CLIC tests. 
Home Learning Expectations
We try to keep this to a minimum at Dale Hall, believing time spent with family and joining in with other activities is equally important.
However, it is essential that children do engage with what is set, especially given the extended period of learning these pupils missed over recent years.
TTRockstars - Daily for just 5 minutes playing time (little and often is the key to mastery).  To help you monitor your child's playing time a target of 25 minutes for the week has been set which will decrease as they play.
Reading - We encourage pupils to read a wide range of texts for pleasure at home, whatever these may be. The home learning expectation is that 30 minutes of reading is completed 3 times a week (or similar amount over several days) - this, of course, doesn't mean that lots more shouldn't be done. Even if your child is a confident reader please continue to discuss their reading with them.
Spelling - Spelling Shed activities. 10 minutes, 3 times a week.

Thank you for your support.
Miss Laura Bailey

Panthers class teacher / History lead

I'm delighted to be working in year 5 as the Panther's class teacher. We are lucky enough to be starting our year 5 journey with the Tudors - Which I love! I aim to encourage the class to be as enthusiastic as I am about the subject by using interactive learning techniques and allowing them to guide their own learning. I can't wait to see where they take us!
Throughout year 5, my aim is to nurture independence, a love of learning and fun!

Mr Jonathan Parker

Key Stage 2 and Maths Lead, Tigers Class Teacher

As most of you know I have been teaching at Dale Hall for over 20 years now - I can't imagine teaching anywhere else, it is such a wonderful school and our pupils are clearly the best around! I really enjoy teaching in Year 5, it has such a fun and interesting curriculum. I am also looking forward to working again with many of the children I had got to know a little back in Year 3 and to see the progress they have made.

Mrs Emily Severy

Year 5 Teacher

Hello everyone, I am Mrs Severy and I teach in Tigers class on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. I am thrilled to be teaching in Year 5. I am passionate about nurturing creative thinking and fostering a love of learning. I am looking forward to an exciting year ahead!

Teaching Assistants

Our Teaching Assistants in Year 5 this year are Mrs Ward, Mrs Dyes and Mrs Wilson