Year 5

Virtual/Home Learning Tasks
Dear parents,
We will be providing a range of resources to this page for pupils to use over the course of a week. Some resources are more topic focussed and may require larger amounts of time. This will be in addition to short activities that could be used daily to help consolidate learning and fill gaps where necessary. We are also keen for pupils to have a go at their own learning, and we will post some useful links to resources on this page to ensure that can happen. 
Please communicate with Mr Spalding and Mrs Critchley on 'Class Dojo'- the messenger function and 'pupil portfolio' are ideal for any queries you may have or to celebrate any learning that has gone on. Please feel free to message us as if you would during term time- we are happy to hear from you. We will update this page regularly with things we feel will be useful. However, pupils should be coming home with some handy work packs that will be useful for the first few days of the week. 
We hope to stay in touch with all pupils and parents alike.
Many thanks,
Mr A Spalding & Mrs K Critchley
Links to useful sites and resources. - a useful resource for pupils. This is from the same developers who produce TT Rockstars and therefore all of the login details are the same. The focus is on skills to develop fluency with addition and subtraction. - Twinkl provide a huge range of resources across a wide range of subjects. Twinkl are offering free membership for a month for all parents. - as always, TT Rockstars is a fun and engaging way of ensuring we know our times tables. Recall of times tables is a key skill- particularly in Year 6 so it would be wise to use this opportunity to practice them. - P.E with Joe Wicks. Everyday at 9am. 
Any work you may have missed this week can be found below:
Week beginning 30th March 2020.
L.O. To investigate and explore Antarctica. 
Below we have 6 separate activities designed to help pupils gain a wider and deeper understanding of Antarctica. Each activity card comes with an outline of what it is the pupils have to do, as well as including some useful links to allow for wider research. Feel free to pick and choose from these activities and share how the pupils get on via Class Dojo. The curriculum links to each activity can be found on each task. 
L.O. To consolidate and recap arithmetic and reasoning skills
Rapid Reasoning and Fluent in Five are two extremely useful resources from Third Space Learning. Fluent in Five is a chance for pupils to have a go at arithmetic questions using both mental and written methods. We would encourage pupils to use written methods where necessary for questions they find tricky and also use written methods when checking their work. We find that pupils mainly make mistakes by not checking or reading the question throughly enough. Rapid Reasoning is a resource that allows pupils to apply their arithmetic skills to a more reasoning focussed task. Again using written methods to check answers is a great habit to get into. Also, should children struggle to read the questions, then I would recommend parents or grown ups read the questions to them so it does not detract from the maths element of the task.
Monday 30th March 2020
Lesson 1: Decimals up to 2 decimal places. 
White Rose links up very closely with Power Maths, so follows on nicely from the work we have been doing last week and at school. 
Please follow this link to this weeks Maths lesson provided by White Rose. We are going to be following the lesson from Week 1. Please watch the video and then work through the worksheet provided. You are not required to print off any of the resources- working on paper will be fine.  
English- Shackleton's Journey
Please follow the slides and have a go at the tasks provided. There is a weeks worth of activities aimed to build towards a piece of writing at the end of the week.  
In addition to this, please have a go at one of the Antarctic experiments. 

Mr A Spalding

Panthers Class Teacher

I have been lucky enough to work across a range of year groups during my time at Dale Hall and feel truly excited about teaching in Year 5. Having worked with Panthers as Owls in Year 3, I have been able to see the class grow as people as we move further into Key Stage 2. My approach to learning is hands on, and I like the children to be as active as possible when learning. My previous role as Year 6 teacher has put me in good stead to work with the pupils in Year 5 and prepare them for their final year at primary school.

Mrs K Critchley

Tigers Class Teacher

I have been lucky enough to have enjoyed teaching a range of different ages over my career so I know how wonderful it is to be able to work in Year 5! I love the fact that the children are so keen to learn and just throw themselves into everything that we do. We are very fortunate in that we have the opportunity to explore texts and immerse ourselves in our topics so that the children get a real feel for them. I really value the use of questioning and there's always lots of discussion in our classroom as we get stuck into our learning! Hopefully the children find this as exciting as I do and it helps them to become confident individuals who feel that their opinions are valued.

This half term, Year 5 are reading 'Shackleton's Journey' by William Grill. The story is a non-fiction text that provides a detailed visual narrative of Shackleton's epic journey to Antarctica.  This will inform our topic of Antarctica- and we will enjoy getting into role as Antarctic researchers and explorers.