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Our Topic: Crime and Punishment 
Our Power of Reading Text: The Highwayman
The learning resources for the week beginning 25th January 2021
This week's Maths:
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These are the lessons we will be following in class and is in a format that the pupils are used to. However, if you would prefer, here is the link to the White Rose videos. 
Please note that Lessons 1 and 3 are the only ones that link to White Rose this week. 
The Apple Store has a free app that has a 100 square that can be used to compliment this week's Maths lessons. 
This week's English 
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This week's Art:
Lesson 4- Wassily Kandinsky
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This week's Topic:
Lesson 4- Fingerprint Analysis. - 
This week's PSHE:
Lesson 4- Worry
This week's spellings are:

ADVERB  happening after something; happening when something else has finished

You can watch T.V. afterwards.

Afterwards, Terran felt so happy that he had finished the race.

Shortly afterwards, the second shock wave from the earthquake hit the town.

He knew it was embarrassing now but he hoped they could laugh about it afterwards


ADVERB  straight away; happening at once with no delay

Immediately after the first wave hit the shore, a second crashed down. 

After her long and dangerous journey, Mina fell asleep immediately.

Dave said that he wanted it immediately but he was still waiting an hour later.

"Go to your room immediately!" said mum with a face like thunder.


ADVERB  before the present time, happening closer to the start of something

ADJECTIVE  closer to the to the beginning 

"I did the washing-up earlier," lied his brother.

Jacky had woken up earlier than she expected and soon fell asleep again.

Earlier this evening, a man dressed as a pirate broke into the bank.

You should have been here earlier if you wanted to the best seat.


ADVERB  happening at some point in the future; happening in the end after a long time or lots of problems

The train eventually arrived at the station after being delayed.

Eventually, people will live on Mars but not for a long time. 

He eventually understood how to solve multiplication problems.

They had already waited for an hour when George said, "I'm sure she will be here eventually."


ADVERB  before now

The house had been previously owned by the king, until he ran out of money.

Ali had been caught previously trying to sneak into the castle.

Let's start by describing what had happened previously.


ADVERB  happening after a long delay or wait

ADVERB  the last item or point on a list is next 

The aeroplane finally took off after waiting at the airport for an hour.

Finally, the new game had been released so Sammy ran home to play it.

After weeks of thinking, Bill finallybought himself a scooter.

Finally, I would like to talk about behaviour.

"finally , I would like some mash potato," said Flora to the waitress.


ADVERB  happened a short time ago

The restaurant had previously been a library and had only recently been converted.

"Have you seen Ethan recently?"

He had recently decided that he needed a new hair style.

Ben hadn't seen any good films recently.


NOUN the day before today

Yesterday was Sunday so we were not at school.

If today is Tuesday, what day was it yesterday

The day after yesterday is today.

Two days before tomorrow is yesterday.


ADVERB happening on the day after today 

NOUN  the day after today 

Remember to bring your P.E. kits in tomorrow.

Tomorrow, we will finish the project we started today.

Penny couldn't wait for tomorrowbecause it was her birthday.

Tomorrow seemed like a long way away.


ADVERB  during; at the same time 

CONJUNCTION  at the same time as 

CONJUNCTION  a word that shows a contrast between two clauses; whereas 

She seemed to be happiest whilst she was with her friends.

Bilal learnt a lot whilst helping his sister with her homework.

"whilst I agree with you, I will not help."

The buger tasted better whilst the salad was more healthy.

We are now using Spelling Shed for Spelling sessions. Each assignment is set from Friday to Friday- we go through these words Monday - Wednesday and are tested on them on a Wednesday. We use Thursday and Friday to go over any words that we found tricky :) 

Reading at home
We encourage pupils to read a wide range of texts at home. In order to do this we are operating a reading challenge. When a pupil completes a book they earn points. Pupils can also accrue additional points by completing a 'Book Review' or a 'Reading Challenge Card'. Every time a pupil reaches a certain amount of points they move up to different levels. Each level entails a different reward. The 'Book Review' sheets and 'Reading Challenge Cards' can be found below as PDF files. You are under no obligation to print these off and pupils are welcome to complete these tasks of whatever they have to hand. Equally, if you let us know we can print off a blank version of these for the pupils to take home. Once a pupil has read a book, completed a review or a challenge card- please pop this on to their portfolio so a member of staff can log and tally their points. Pupils are welcome to take books from the classroom home, when they finish reading them we ask that they are brought back in so they can be exchanged for a new book. All books that are returned are quarantined for 3 days before being available to take home again. 
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