Year 4

Hi Everyone,
We are disappointed we won’t get the opportunity to meet the parents as we normally would at the start of an academic year, so have made a short PowerPoint to introduce ourselves and provide you with information about the upcoming year.
If your child is unable to be at school due to a period of isolation, we have provided a learning menu that you can use to continue their education at home. The learning menu will look very similar to that which you used at home during school closures so hopefully, you should be familiar with how it works. The learning featured mimics that which your child would receive at school ensuring they're staying up to date with the learning covered and won't feel behind when they return to school.
Please contact us via Dojo if you have any questions or queries relating to the learning menu and the continuation of your child's education whilst at home. 

Mr Jack Bolton

Eagles Class Teacher

I am extremely excited about teaching in Year 4 again this year. We have a wonderful array of Power of Reading books which facilitate fun and engaging lessons. The topics we cover are brilliant to teach as they always captivate the children’s imagination. We will start the year by making our classroom immersive, in line with our first book - WILD. We will then begin exploring Ancient Egypt and move through the Arctic, to mythical Icelandic lands! As a Year 4 teacher, I will ensure children develop the process of independent thinking, learning and decision making- taking responsibility for how, when and where they learn best.

Mrs Lisa Graham

Hawks Class Teacher

Having spent most of my career teaching older children, it has been a breath of fresh air coming into Year 4. The sheer level of enthusiasm and creativity is contagious. We are lucky to have a magnificent array of books in Year 4: Tutankharmun's story, The Ice Bear and Wild to name a few. They all take us on wonderful journeys into different cultures and are gateways into exciting new worlds. Being able to combine English, Art, DT, Geography and History in completely immersive environments means that Year 4 is a truly inspirational year. It is also a pleasure seeing our children developing and refining their independent learning skills to be the very best learners that they can be.

Additional adults in Year 4 - Mrs Trett  and  Mrs Hearsum 
Maths Worksheets - 14.09.2020