Year 4

General Information
In September of each year there is a Parents' Information Meeting. This is an opportunity for parents to meet their child's new teacher and hear about the work the children will be doing as well as a chance for the teacher to pass on any information to parents.
Croc & Bird
This Summer our book focus for learning is 'Croc & Bird'. 
We've had some eggciting learning going in and out of the classroom, including building our own nest out of recycled materials, an eggsellent word wall with some eggsellent writing and leaning all about reptiles, birds, amphibians, mammals and fish using outdoor and hands on learning. Our learning is child led and they've been so enthusiastic and creative this term. 
Watch this space for updates.

Sands of Time
Year 4 have made some fantastic artefacts to send our classrooms back in time to Ancient Egypt.
Anglo Saxon Day at Foxburrow Farm
This half term we are basing our work around a Power of Pictures text:  Wild by Emily Hughes.
We have investigated how the text and images of a good picture book work together to tell the story, and are in the process of writing our own picture books inspired by the text.
Picture books inspired by Wild
We have been making keys to identify biscuits, before moving on to designing one to identify different animals.  We had to think really hard of yes and no questions that would separate our set of biscuits into two sets each time to finally leave just one biscuit that fulfilled all the criteria.
EAGLES: Mr Bolton
Other adults in Year 4 - Mrs Trett, Mrs Hearsum, Mrs Ardern, Mrs Abbott, Mrs Eldred and Miss Shaw
HAWKS: Mrs Graham and Mrs Watkins
Other adults in Year 4 Mrs Trett, Mrs Hearsum, Mrs Ardern, Mrs Abbott, Miss Eldred and Miss Shaw