Year 3

General Information- Year 3
Welcome to Year 3!  It promises to be another exciting year - we'll be working as park rangers, archaeologists and underground explorers as we find out about looking after wildlife, the stone age, what happened when the Romans invaded Britain and much, much more!
Your guides on these adventures will be:  Mr Hatcher, who is excited to be entering his third year of teaching at Dale Hall,  Mr Parker who is equally excited to be entering his 20th and Mr Catchpole, who many of you already know and is here to do his teacher training.
Miss Shaw and Mrs Ardern will join us on Monday afternoons, initially teaching French and RE.  Mrs Ardern will also be teaching music on Thursday afternoons.
We will be ably assisted by our wonderful teaching assistants, Mrs Dyes, Mrs Gowers and Mrs Eley.
Some children will do Forest Schools with Mrs Eldred on Mondays, others will do PE with Ant from Premier Sports.
More information about the arrangements for Year 3 and this term's learning are in the documents below.
Home learning
If your child is unable to be at school due to a period of isolation, we have provided a learning menu that you can use to continue their education at home. The learning menu will look very similar to that which you used at home during school closures so hopefully, you should be familiar with how it works. The learning featured mimics that which your child would receive at school ensuring they're staying up to date with the learning covered and won't feel behind when they return to school - it is essential that children do this, if well enough of course, given the time lost earlier in the year.
Please contact us via Dojo if you have any questions or queries relating to the learning menu and the continuation of your child's education whilst at home.
White Rose Maths - the link will lead you to this week's maths - start on day 1 unless advised otherwise. Practise worksheets for most days can be found below.
English - Click on the links to hear the latest extract from our class text (Krindlekrax) and the day's activities.  There may also be additional grammar work.
A handwriting sheet is also provided which will enable children to practise this week's spellings - fun ways to practise can be found in 'Spelling Journal Ideas' (below).
We will also provide a science lesson which they will need to do if away after Tuesday (Kestrels) or Wednesday (Owls), and a range of optional activities in case they are still in need of extra ideas!
This is our final week practicing the ten times table - if you haven't been practicing at home please make a big effort this week to avoid being left behind.
This week's spellings - to be taught in school from Wednesday onward. You could do additional practice with handwriting sheet or choose something from the spelling journal ideas (below).
Homework Expectations
We try to keep this to a minimum at Dale Hall, believing time spent with family and joining in with other activities is equally important.
However, it is ESSENTIAL that children do engage with what is set, especially given the extended period of learning these pupils missed this year.
TTRockstars - Daily for just 5 minutes (little and often is the key to mastery).
Numbots - 2-3 times a week for 10 minutes.
Reading - Daily for at least ten minutes, when possible with an adult. 
Spelling - We will provide (above) a handwriting sheet which we will have completed in school in respect of the current week's spellings. They don't have to do this again (unless you or they want to), but please encourage your child to discuss their spellings with you, telling you about any patterns or 'rules' we have been exploring. Fun ways to practice can be found in 'Spelling Journal Ideas' (above).
Thank you for your support.