Year 3

General Information
Welcome to Year 3!  It promises to be another exciting year - we'll be working as park rangers, archaeologists and underground explorers as we find out about looking after wildlife, the stone age, what happened when the Romans invaded Britain and much, much more!
Your guides on these adventures will be:  Mr Hatcher, who is excited to be entering his second year of teaching at Dale Hall, and Mr Parker who is equally excited to be entering his 19th!
Mrs Hines will be working with us on Wednesday afternoons, initially teaching music and Mrs Abbot and Mrs Ardern will join us on Tuesday afternoons, initially teaching French and RE.
We will be ably assisted by our wonderful teaching assistants, Mrs Eley and Mrs Ling.
Half termly plans for spellings can be found below. Week 1 will always be the first week after a half-term or holiday. If a term is only 6 weeks long then 'week 7' (review activities) will be fitted into week 6.
Autumn Term
Much of our work for the first half term will be based on the brilliant Power of Reading book 'Krindlekrax' by Philip Ridley. Many of the children in Year 3 last year said this was the best book they'd ever shared, we hope you will enjoy it to.  
Later in the term we will begin our work as park rangers, responsible for all of the wildlife in a national park in Wyoming, USA - a huge responsibility. Much of writing, art, DT and science learning will come from this. 
Our science topics will be 'forces', especially looking at magnets and then once we start work in our national park we will have to find out all about animals (including humans).
In maths we will be continuing to look at addition and subtraction (including written methods) then move onto multiplication and division..