Year 3

Week commencing 22nd June.     
White Rose Maths 
Video lessons are now on White Rose website again -
Worksheets are still below.   Last week's sheets are further down, if you still need them.
As White Rose maths builds in small steps it is important to do the lessons in order and complete Days 1 to 4. 
Spend 30 minutes on White Rose. You don't have to do the worksheet if you have done all the questions in the video, but they are good practice if you have time.  
Please DON'T use the maths resources on BBC Bitesize.  
English - We will be continuing with our troll hunting adventure this week - all of the videos (click on the blue 'episode') and guidance are in 'English Instructions', below.
There might not be writing to do every day, it depends what we need to do. Don't forget that there are other English activities in your daily starters.
Science - You don't have to do everything in the video. For example you could add labels to drawings you did last week and you don't have to write all the sentences. It's up to you whether this is a 30 minute or 60 minute lesson.
General Information- Year 3
Welcome to Year 3!  It promises to be another exciting year - we'll be working as park rangers, archaeologists and underground explorers as we find out about looking after wildlife, the stone age, what happened when the Romans invaded Britain and much, much more!
Your guides on these adventures will be:  Mr Hatcher, who is excited to be entering his second year of teaching at Dale Hall, and Mr Parker who is equally excited to be entering his 19th!
Mrs Hines will be working with us on Wednesday afternoons, initially teaching music and Mrs Abbot and Mrs Ardern will join us on Tuesday afternoons, initially teaching French and RE.
We will be ably assisted by our wonderful teaching assistants, Mrs Eley and Mrs Ling.
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