Year 2

Autumn Two
This half term our topic is:
'Why do things sparkle, shimmer and shine?"
We haven't revealed our book for this half term so watch this space for more information on what we will be learning this half term! 
We have started learning about the Gunpowder plot in history and have set up fireworks role play areas. 

The two classes in Year 2 are, Whales and Dolphins


In Whales our teachers are Mrs Parrish (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) and Mrs Allum (Wednesday am, Thursday and Friday)

 Mrs. Abbott is our TA and Mrs Arden also works in our class on Wednesday mornings. 


In Dolphins Mr Glover is the teacher and Mrs. Wilce is our TA. Mrs. S Abbott also works in the class on Wednesday mornings. 




General Information
PE is every Wednesday and Friday for Whales and Thursday and Friday's for Dolphins.
There is no 'book change day', children can change their books when they have finished them. 

Our children became poets!
During ECO week the children went outside and used their senses to think about what they could hear, see, feel and smell in the autumn. They then wrote a sentence about what they had experienced and in groups arranged their sentences to create a poem. We then asked the children to present their poems however they liked. 
Have a look at one of their wonderful poems below. 
We wanted to show you how we add and subtract in Year 2!