Year 1

Home learning
Todays phonics- ai, a-e, ay
Explore the sound family 'ai'- including ai (snail), ay (tray), and the spilt digraph a-e (lake).
Below is a video demonstrating the use sound buttons and examples of the sounds.
On class dojo, we will upload links for games to be played.
Mrs Cattermole & Miss Grover 
21.03.20 Hi All, Miss Grover and myself will be setting activities over the next few weeks which you could complete with your child at home. One of the key activities will be linked to phonics learning which will support your child in reading and writing words. I have created an information document outlining phonics, key vocabulary to use and what is taught in each phrase. This is to help you better understand how phonics is taught so you can support your child. Each day we will upload a short video of some of the children demonstrating the sound family we would like you to explore on that day. If you have any questions about supporting your child with their phonics please do ask. Please also remember, there is no pressure on you to complete activities, they are suggestions to support you over the next few weeks. The children are also great teachers and should be able to answer lots of your questions. Mrs Cattermole

Mrs Cattermole

Hello! I'm Mrs Cattermole, class teacher for Seaturtles. I have been teaching for 14 years across KS1 and EYFS. I am really looking forward to our Year ahead especially developing the use of our outside area.
During the Spring term, Seaturtles are joined by our SCITT (student teacher) Miss Begum. She has already become a valued member of the teaching staff in Year 1.

Teaching assistants- Miss Green (Monday-Wednesday) and Miss Barker (Thursday-Friday)

Take a look at our wonderful learning environment below!
Our local walk to the shops 
Year 1 took a walk to the Dales Shops to explore the features of our local area. The children identified human and physical features along the way such as houses, trees, and of course the postbox. We took the opportunity to post a letter home which linked to our topic where the children had to design and create a product for a fairy character. The children made a poster to advertise these and posted them home. The children learnt about addresses and the postal service. Lots of fun was had by all. The children said the bakery was their favourite shop, it smelt delicious!

Miss Grover

Hello, my name is Miss Grover! I am in my second year of teaching and I teach in Penguin class. I have previously taught Reception and I am excited to see what new adventures this academic year will bring!

Teaching assistants- Miss Carrington (Tuesday) & Mrs Ross (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)

Spring term 2020- What is on Planet Earth?
This term we are answering the question 'What is on Planet Earth?' We will be learning about famous explorers and become explorers ourselves visiting the 7 continents and 5 oceans of the world, learning all about the different animals, landscapes, people and climates.
'The snail and the whale'
Our power of learning text this term is 'The snail and the whale'. Each week have been following the journey of the snail and the whale around the world. 
So far they have visited the 5 oceans, Antarctica, South America and Australia. 
Our classrooms have been transforming into different parts of the world to represent the continents. We have been busy creating animals, landscapes and labels for the different areas. 
Eco week
During Eco week we learnt about how to look after our planet and all things Autumn. On Monday we read 'Leaf man' by Lois Ehlert. We went for an Autumn walk and collected lots of Autumn treasures to make our own leaf creations. On Wednesday we read 'Somebody swallowed Stanley' by Sarah Roberts and talked about the problems caused by plastic in the ocean. This inspired the children to make posters to encourage people to be more responsible and look after the sea animals. On Friday we read 'Tidy' by Emily Gravett and found out lots about British wildlife and how to look after them. We then created animal homes, made woodland animals out of clay, and started an animal rescue centre to help any animals who may have been hurt by litter. Take a look at some of the lovely learning that took place over the week!