Remember your warm coats as it is getting colder...


Senior Leaders
Mrs Jo Dedicoat

Headteacher, Art leader, Senior Designated safeguarding lead

Mrs Jade Spalding

Deputy Headteacher, Yr 3/4 support and curriculum lead

Mrs Vici Morris

Assistant Headteacher and EYFS teacher

Mrs Lizzie Cattermole

KS1 Phase Leader + Year 2 Teacher

Mr Jon Parker

KS2 Leader, Maths Leader & Yr 5 Teacher

Mrs Frith Allum

Achievement Leader & DSL

Mrs Dawn Leeks

Inclusion Manager (DSL)

Mrs Roxanne Downes

Business Manager

Office Staff
Mrs Louise Wegg

Office and Finance Manager

Miss Julia Pidgeon

Admin and HR Officer

Mrs Sharon Wilcox

Admin Assistant

The Inclusion Team
Clair Utting

Family Liaison Officer, DSL and Thrive lead

Mrs J Gowers

Behaviour Leader

Ms Chloe Blades

Forest School Inclusion Teacher

Laura Downes

Forest School Assistant

Mrs J Ross Lower Phase LSA

Mrs A Cattermole - Year 1

Ms L Downes- Year 2

Mrs Emma Berry -Year 2

Mrs K Davis - Year 3

Mrs J Gowers - Year 3

Mrs P Wilson - Year 5 and Nurture Lunch

Mrs N Bacha - Behaviour Support


Kitchen Staff
Mrs J Watson (Head of Kitchen)

Mrs J Hutton

Mrs D Metcalfe

Mrs E Rose

Mrs J Kaur

Mrs Juliette Bray

Senior Midday Supervisor and Librarian

Midday Supervisors
Mrs C Brennan
Mrs K Gledhill

Mrs R Gray

Mr J Hart

Miss K Holland

Mrs T Hutton

Mrs T Knott

Mrs G Rands

Mrs L Scoging

Mrs P Tarrant

Mrs E Taylor

Miss C Wegg

Mrs S Wilcox

Mrs P Wilson


Leaders of Learning
Mrs Sarah Jane Hines

Reception Teacher EYFS and KS1 Maths support leader

Mrs Lauren Jenkins

Reception Teacher

Mrs Melissa Eldred

Reception Teacher/Forest School Lead

Miss Emily Grover

Year 1 and DT leader

Miss Ellie Green

Year 1 Teacher and Music leader

Mrs Charlotte Ross

Year 2 Teacher and Science leader

Miss Viki Killeen

Year 2 and Teacher and Learning leader

Mrs Carly Ardern

Trainee Teacher (Year 2)

Mr Luke Catchpole

Year 3 Teacher and Geography lead

Miss Livvy Watts

Year 3 Teacher (ECT)

Mr Adam Glover

Year 4 Teacher and ICT leader

Mrs Lisa Graham

Year 4 Teacher & English leader

Mrs Paula Parrish

Year 4 Teacher & Science leader

Miss Laura Bailey

Year 5 Teacher and History lead

Mrs Emily Severy

Year 5 Teacher

Mr Jack Bolton

Year 6 Teacher and Behaviour leader

Mrs Kirsty Critchley

Year 6 and Forest Learning Leader

Mr Toby Hatcher

Health and activities Leader

HLTAs and Cover Supervisors


Miss S Shaw - KS2

Cover Supervisors:

Miss C Blackbeard - Years 3/4

Mrs J Powell - Years 5/6

Teaching Assistants
Miss B Barker    Mrs K Clements    Mrs P Brown

Year 1

Miss D Griggs      Mrs C Wells     Mrs P Brown

Year 2

Mrs T Abbott       Mrs C Ling    

Year 3

Mrs R Eley         Mrs S Trett 

Year 4

Mrs H Marsh       Mrs C Hearsum

Year 5

Mrs M Dyes          Mrs M Ward

Year 6

Mrs S Parker        Mrs M Wilce
 Premises and Cleaning Staff
Graham Smith

Site Manager

Mr M Jay
Mrs J Gowers
Miss K Holland
Mrs J Kaur
Ms D Morgan
Mrs S Suchowij