Sport Premium

PE and Sport Premium offer 2018-2019

We use our funding to make additional and sustainable improvements to the quality of physical education (PE), physical activity and sport.

This means that we will use the premium to:

  • Add to the PE, physical activity and sport activities by introducing more variety of sports
  • build capacity and capability within the school to ensure that improvements made now will benefit pupils joining the school in future years.
We will also ensure:
  • the engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity 
  • the profile of PE and sport is raised across the school as a tool for whole-school improvement
  • increased confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching PE and sport
  • a broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils
  • increased participation in competitive sport from KS1
This year we are concentrating on the following:
  • providing staff with professional development, mentoring, training and resources to help them teach PE and sport 
  • introducing new sports and other activities to encourage more pupils to take up sport and physical activities (such as Dance, fencing, Archery, Yoga etc)
  • supporting and involving the least active children by providing targeted activities 
  • entering and running more sport competitions in partnership with other schools
  • running sports activities and clubs
  • encouraging pupils to take on leadership or volunteer roles that support sport and physical activity within the school
  • raise attainment in primary school swimming to meet requirements of the national curriculum before the end of key stage 2
  • embed physical activity into the school day through active travel to and from school, active playgrounds and active teaching (Forest Schools / essential life skills)