Science at Dale Hall

Science Education in the Primary School is about developing an understanding of and making sense of our environment, primarily through experience, exploration and interaction with scientific phenomena.

The purpose of gaining this understanding is to enable pupils to take responsibility for their role in the maintenance of a healthy life and the creation of a safe environment; not only for the benefit of themselves but also for fellow human beings, animals and plants in our world.

Working scientifically in the Primary School extends and enhances a child’s natural curiosity and we encourage children to ask scientific questions about the world around them.  Children are given opportunities to predict, observe, record and draw conclusions in experiments and investigations to nurture inquisitiveness.

We love learning scientifically here!

Mrs Ross

Science Week 2019- 'Hive Detectives'
We are buzzing with excitement!
Our Science Week Fancy dress winners!
We won a butterfly house we can decorate and put together in our gardens at home.
Reception: Imogen
Year 1: George
Year 2: Noah
Year 3: Hazel
Year 4: Scarlett
Year 5: Charlie
Year 6: Poppy