Happy 2023 and welcome back..


At Dale Hall we believe that Religious Education helps to develop a child’s understanding of the world around them, learning about and learning from religions and worldviews. Children are provided with a safe space to develop their understanding and awareness of different religions, focusing on beliefs, values and traditions which are important to individuals and communities. We are committed to creating a diverse and welcoming learning environment where the children feel confident and comfortable to share their beliefs and opinions without being judged. 


Our children are encouraged to explore and consider their own responses to their learning and to agree or disagree respectfully. Reflecting on their own views and those of their peers further deepens their understanding and gives the children an opportunity to reflect on their own personal belief system and how this affects their actions. At Dale Hall we intend to develop children who are tolerant and respectful of the beliefs of others and who appreciate that everyone is different.


RE at Dale Hall is taught using the Emmanuel Project which meets the requirements for the Suffolk Agreed Syllabus. The children focus on a different religions throughout their education and each unit is selected to develop their thinking and show progression within the subject at all levels across the school. Children’s learning is displayed in their classrooms, learning books and in scrapbooks, evidencing their journey through a religion; including the knowledge they have gained and how they have reflected on this.


At Dale Hall we encourage children to explore their RE learning in a variety of ways including writing, art, drama and group presentations. Discussing often challenging subject-matter provides the children with invaluable opportunities to develop spiritually, morally, socially and culturally both in terms of their understanding of a particular religion and their own views.