Who we are...

At Dale Hall we have a fantastic PTA which is growing year on year. However, we can always use more active members so if you feel you could help in any way then please get in touch.
We organise termly fundraisers such as a Discos, quiz nights, Mother's day shops, hampers, raffles and so much more. We have raised money for the school which has contributed to library resources, furniture for classrooms, ipads, play equipment and vital class funds for everyday items. 
As staff we are so grateful to the PTA members for their time, imagination and effort in helping us buy extra equipment or fund whole school training.
Mrs Dedicoat
Chair Lucy Warnes
Secretary  Laura Cardwell
Treasurer Julie Ross
Committee members Irene Bredican
  Andrea Glover
  Kathy Cooke
  Laura Crozier
  Helen Curr
  Helen Jones
  Justine Norfolk
  Cat Pascall
  Natasha Steward
  Lisa Taylor
   Dawn Leeks
   Vanessa Ransby
   Meredith Wynn
President Mrs J Dedicoat
Staff Representatives Mrs Spalding
If you have any queries regarding PTA events please contact the committee at pta@dalehallprimary.net