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'If a child memorises 10 words, the child can only read 10 words. But if a child learns 10 sounds, the child will be able to read 350 three sound words, 4320 four sound words and 21650 five sound words.' Dr Martin Kozloff 
At Dale Hall Primary, we value the importance of early phonetic skills for teaching decoding and encoding of words for reading and writing. We believe all children should be offered the opportunity for high quality phonics teaching and resources matched to their own ability and pace. 
As a school, we follow Twinkl Phonics as our preferred programme of study for our phonics curriculum. This ensures a consistent, whole school approach to the teaching of phonics across the whole school including the use interventions for KS2 pupils.  
All pupils have access to independent, accessible resources to ensure phonic knowledge is applied outside of a phonics and spelling session. Such resources include sound mats, flashcards and key word displays.