You can find our full staff list below.
The Headteacher and staff are always willing to talk about any aspect of your child’s development. If parents are unhappy about any aspect of school, please contact us to discuss your concerns.

It is not normally possible to speak to your child's teacher at the beginning of the school day. If the issue is not urgent please send in a letter to the class teacher. If the issue is urgent, please contact the school office to arrange an appointment with the appropriate member of staff. Staff are usually available at the end of the school day, unless they have a meeting.

Initial concerns should be referred to the class teacher. In most cases, problems can be solved in this way. However, should you feel that your concerns have not been met the matter will be referred to senior members of staff as follows:
Phase Leader then    Deputy Headteacher then    Headteacher

If parents are still dissatisfied, they can make use of the formal complaints procedure. Full details are available in the Governing Body General Complaints Procedure Policy on the Policies page.
Senior Leaders

Mrs Jo Dedicoat

Headteacher & Art leader

Mrs Jade Spalding

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Laura Goodfellow

Assistant Headteacher for KS2 & Yr 6 Teacher

Mrs Vici Morris

Assistant Headteacher for EYFS/KS1 & Reception Teacher

Mrs Frith Allum

KS1 Phase leader, ICT leader & Yr 2 Teacher

Mrs Sarah Kirk

EYFS Leader & Reception Teacher

Mr Jon Parker

KS2 Leader, Maths Leader & Yr 3 Teacher

Mrs Roxanne Downes

Business Manager

Mrs Dawn Leeks

Inclusion Manager

Leaders of Learning

Miss Emily Grover

Year 1 Teacher

Mrs Lizzie Cattermole

Year 1 teacher & Leader of PSHE and Citizenship

Mrs Paula Parrish

Year 2 teacher & DT Leader

Mr Adam Glover

Year 2 Teacher & PE/sports leader

Mr Toby Hatcher

Year 3 Teacher & Sports leader

Mrs Lisa Graham

Year 4 teacher & English leader

Mrs Carolyn Watkins

Year 4 Teacher (fridays)

Mr Jack Bolton

Yr 4 class teacher (NQT)

Mr Aaron Spalding

Year 5 Teacher and Geography leader

Mrs Kirsty Critchley

Year 5 teacher & KS2 Forest School Leader

Miss Viki Killeen

Year 6 Teacher and History leader

Mrs Sarah Jane Hines

Class teacher Year 6/Rec & DT leader

Mrs Charlotte Ross

Science Leader & class teacher (Currently on maternity Leave)

Support Staff 


Mrs C Ardern- RE leader

Mrs S Abbott

Cover Supervisors:

Mrs M Eldred - Forest Schools leader KS1 

Miss S Shaw

Miss Ellie Green                                                                                            

Inclusion Support Team:

Mrs C Hambrook Moore (Maternity)

Mrs N Tuck 

Mrs C Utting

Mrs J Gowers

Mrs J Ross


Teaching Assistants
Mrs K Clements    Miss L Reed-Banks

Year 1

Miss L Carrington   Miss E Green   Miss B Barker

Year 2

Mrs T Abbott  Mrs M Wilce

Year 3

Mrs C Ling    Mrs R Eley

Year 4

Mrs C Hearsum  Mrs S Trett

Year 5

Mrs M Dyes    Mrs P Brown

Year 6

Mrs M Ward   Mrs J Closs
Pupil Premium 
Miss L Carrington, Mrs C Ling 
Premises and Cleaning Staff
Mr D Millar- Site Manager
Mr G Smith
Miss Bolt
Mr C Gardiner
Ms D Morgan
Mrs S Suchowij
Office Staff

Mrs Louise Wegg

Office Manager

Mrs Laura Rayner

School Secretary

Miss J Pidgeon

School Secretary (Thursday)

Lunchtime Staff

Mrs J Watson(Cook)

Mrs J Hutton

Mrs D Metcalfe

Mrs E Rose

Miss C Wegg


Senior Midday Supervisor


Mrs J Bray



Midday Supervisors



Mrs J Brooke


Mrs R Curtis


Mrs C Greenacre


Mrs R Gray


Miss K Holland


Mrs T Hutton


Miss J Pidgeon


Mrs P Tarrant


Mrs N Tuck


Miss C Utting


Mrs P Wilson

 Behaviour support 

 Mrs J Gowers