Welcome back to school everybody.....



I am delighted to share with you our most recent OFSTED report. (December 2019)

We were all very pleased to read the letter, it highlights many (but not all) of our strengths and has given us some priorities to work on to improve further.  As a school we are always reflecting on and looking at ways to improve and this will form part of our school development priorities for 2020 . I want to take this opportunity to congratulate all staff , children, parents and governors for making Dale Hall the amazing school that it is and how much it means to us to have this highlighted in our report.

Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Dedicoat


Our Highlights....

“Leaders and governors have created a strong vision and ethos about what they want for pupils at the school.”


“Pupils read high-quality texts that light up their imaginations, help them to discover new words and improve their understanding across subjects.”

“Pupils are proud of their school. They show great enthusiasm for learning as well as for spending happy and caring times with their friends in the playground.


 “Staff, led tenaciously by the Headteacher, share a determination to deliver a curriculum that is interesting and inspiring”

“Teachers expect and help pupils to discuss, share and use what they know already in new learning.”

“All staff are determined to help pupils learn to read and love reading”

“Teachers routinely read to and with pupils. These opportunities grab pupils’ imaginations and ignite their interest in stories. Older pupils talk with delight about the books they read, both as a whole class and individually.”

“The special educational needs coordinator (SENCo) has worked hard to get pupils external support even when it is in short supply in the local area. The SENCo helps teachers to understand the barriers to pupils’ learning.”

Things we can do to improve:
To make sure that the teaching of presentation, handwriting, and spelling is as effective as it is in other areas of the curriculum.
Governors to work with leaders to make sure they focus their monitoring on strategic priorities with greater pace and rigour.
Communication with individual parents, when necessary, gives the parents all the information they need to be fully confident in the work of the school.