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Music at Dale Hall is embedded throughout our topic learning...
As well teachers finding exciting opportunities to weave music into their topic teaching they follow the National Curriculum Skills to enhance children's progression through music children are also introduced to different genres, eras and world music throughout their time at Dale Hall...
Every week the children celebrate music in their Whole School singing assembly led by Mrs Goodfellow- different classes every week are allowed to choose a song to teach to the rest of the school as well as listening and responding to different seasonal themes of music.
When children are in year 4 they learn either the flute or violin- depending on the class they are in. They have weekly lessons provided by Suffolk County Council and at the end of the year are part of a county wide schools festival that celebrates music across Suffolk. Children are also given the opportunity to progress with the flute or violin in year 5 and 6- We have just celebrated 5 children in year 6 who continued with their instruments gaining their Grade 1 and 2.
The school also has a KS2 choir 'Dale Hall Star Singers' the choir often puts on end of term concerts for their family to attend. Their recent concert in July raised over £200 for the school to invest in wellbeing resources for all year groups.
Example of how a year group links music to their topic..
Year 6: WW1 and WW2
Power of Reading Text: Private Peaceful 
Links to music: Listen and respond to songs from WW1- think about the tempo of the songs, discuss Marching songs, link to the soldiers marching across France and why they would sing songs to past time and boost Morale.
WW2- look at the influence of American culture on the music scene - this links to the American army joining as allies. Vera Lynn the 'Soldiers Sweetheart' how she became an influential musical talent during the war and her songs became thought provoking anthems. children listen, respond and learn her songs.
Children challenge themselves to write their own songs based on saying goodbye to their family and evacuating.
Please look at the skills progression below to see the progression of music skills within Dale Hall Community Primary School - Updated March 2022
Below is an example of an original composition some children in Year 6 have been creating-
They had been learning about The Blitz in their history lesson the previous week and where challenged to compose their own song about The Blitz in their music lesson the following week.
Their song is entitled 'Dying in The Blitz'