ICT and computing

Computing at Dale Hall is taught in a cross curricular way. Through the immersive curriculum children are given the opportunity to explore and understand how technology works and the different ways we use technology, not only within the school but in the wider world too. We give children the opportunity to develop and enhance their coding skills and by the time they leave Dale Hall they will be confident at predicting possible problems and will intuitively debug their programming. We aim to provide our children experiences with different types of technology to enable them to learn new skills. Learning is be presented and broadened with the use of technology. Online safety education is interwoven through their learning, ensuring that our children are aware of why it is important to stay safe online, how to do so and also what to do if they are faced with a problem.

Technology is exciting and always changing, therefore we aim to provide the children of Dale Hall with an exciting and evolving experience in ICT at school.