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"A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots." - Marcus Garvey.
Our vision
At Dale Hall, our high quality History education begins in the Early Years and continues all the way through to Year 6 in a progressive manner, allowing children to build on and embed the key skills and knowledge taught in previous years. Whether children are talking about past events in their own lives or learning about the political agenda of World War 1, History is a key element of all of our classrooms.
We want our children to have a coherent understanding of not only Britain's past but also that of the wider world. With such a disparity between the modern times we live in and the times of key events in the past, we hope to ignite curiosity within the children to learn more about these past events and to compare it to life in Modern Day Britain. 
We encourage questions throughout our History teaching and aim to equip our pupils with the ability to ask perceptive questions and to take steps to answer them themselves too. We want children to form opinions on historical events, think critically and evaluate evidence presented to them in order to develop perspective and to understand the process of change that has happened before them and is continuing to happen now.
Within our classrooms, our topics act as the overarching theme in our cross-curricular learning and much of our History teaching will stem from these topics where purposeful and appropriate, alongside Geography, Art, Music, Maths, Writing and Science. Sometimes, our History teaching will also coincide with a class Power of Reading text. 
How can I carry on my learning at home?
Here are some ideas for History related learning that you could complete whilst you're at home! 
- Create a time capsule that would inform future humans about you! You could include something about what is currently going on in the world.
- Create an artefact from your favourite historical time.
- If you were going to live a day in the life of someone from your favourite time period, what would you need to pack in your suitcase?
- Trace your family tree!
- Create a costume using things you have in the house that makes you look like someone from your favourite time period.
- Ask your parents to find you an interesting image from a key historical time - what could be happening? 
- Create a timeline of when people in your family were born. Find out about some of your favourite famous people and place them on your timeline. Who is oldest? How much older are they than you? Can you find out about people from different time periods?
- Find some pictures online of artefacts from a key historical time period - what could they be? Use your imagination!
- Talk about what life was like 50 years ago. What do you think life will be like in another 50 years? Draw your predictions!
- Ask each family member to research a different historical time period. Write questions for each other that will test your knowledge and play a game of Mastermind!
- Create a newspaper report about a key historical event.
- Create your own non-fiction book about your favourite historical event. These could go in the school library when we're back to school!
- Create your own documentary about a time period of your choice. Will you need to research it first? Will you need to write a script? Will you show reenactments? Perhaps your parents could film them for you!
History within our classrooms
Here are some wonderful examples of History learning at Dale Hall in many different forms.