Healthy Schools

A Healthy School is one that is successful in helping pupils to do their best and build on their achievements. It is committed to on-going improvement and development. It promotes physical and emotional health by providing accessible and relevant information and equipping pupils with the skills and attitudes to make informed decisions about their health. A healthy school understands the importance of investing in health to assist in the process of raising levels of pupil achievement and improving standards. It also recognises the need to provide both a physical and social environment that is conducive to learning.

Our Healthy Eating Policy can be found on the Policies page.

Fruit and Vegetable Scheme

The school participates in the Government Fruit and Vegetable Scheme and offers a fruit or vegetable snack to all children in Reception.

Milk Scheme

The school participates in the Government Milk Scheme and offers lower fat milk to all children at morning playtime. Information on how parents can register and pay for their children to receive milk is available at Cool Milk. Milk for children under 5 years of age is provided at no cost to parents.