Our school is a place to...
be celebrated - 
  • value achievements
  • share and celebrate achievements with parents
  • recognise effort in a variety of ways
be encouraged -
  • concentrate on the positives
  • develop a positive Growth Mindset culture
  • nurture a culture of self-belief
  • praise and celebrate all effort as well as achievement
  • offer opportunities for risk taking, discovery and problem solving through the creative curriculum
  • encourage pupils to develop socially, emotionally, physically and mentally
enjoy learning -
  • provide opportunities to learn in a variety of ways both inside and outside the classroom
  • learning should be active and fun with an element of choice
  • encourage children to continue their learning out of school and become life long learners
  • provide a stimulating environment
  • thrive on opportunities to be challenged
  • develop independent thought
feel safe -
  • give time to individuals by being approachable
  • building a calm and happy environment by applying rules consistently
  • listen to pupil voice
  • build up self esteem
be respected -
  • learn to listen to the ideas and opinions of others
  • accept and tolerate that people have different needs, views, values, cultures and beliefs
  • clear expectations of behaviour
  • treat others the way you want to be treated
  • work cooperatively and respect the views, privacy and property of others
be valued -
  • recognise that everyone has key strengths
  • positive encouragement for all
  • build teams and celebrate individuality