Welcome back to school everybody.....


At Dale Hall, great children's literature is at the heart of all learning, ensuring that every child has access to quality experiences of literacy.  Our text based curriculum is designed to support children to become happy, confident and enthusiastic readers and writers, with all the benefits that this brings for them now, and as they grow into their role in society.  Thoughtfully chosen texts can broaden our pupils' experiences of life as they empathise with characters and consider important issues that confront us in the twenty first century.
We aim to foster a love of reading and fascination with words which will enable our pupils to understand and evaluate the ideas communicated by others, and equip them with the literacy skills essential for lifelong learning.  Our chosen approach elicits a high level of engagement with a broad and varied range of high quality texts, enabling our children to become confident and fluent speakers who are able to express opinions, participate in discussions and debates and demonstrate their interpretation of the text through drama activities. 
The quality and style of language in the books that form the core of each year's curriculum provide a meaningful context for the development of grammatical knowledge and vocabulary that will enable our pupils to become fluent and confident writers, whilst the depth of understanding they have gained through interaction with the text provides a wealth of stimulating ideas to write about.  The essential skills of phonics and spelling are taught systematically at the appropriate level for pupils throughout the school so all aspects of the highly complex task of writing are developed.
Here is some of the amazing and varied work to have been inspired by our study of the books.