Eco Warriors

Welcome to our Eco Warriors page

Each class has an Eco Warrior representative. We meet at least once a half term to discuss our plans and review what we have achieved. 

Our Eco Warriors for the Year 19/20 are:

Penguins:    Imogen
Sea Turtles: Nathan
Dolphins:     Hermoine
Whales:       Jacob
Kestrels:      Toby
Owls:           Ella
Eagles:        Jack
Hawks:        Ella
Panthers:    Jacob
Tigers:         Mia
Leopards:    George 
Lions:          Reece

So far this year we have completed an environmental review of our school. We worked in year group pairs on a different aspect of the review. Once completed, we shared our results at our Eco meeting and used these to create our Eco Action plan (See below). 


We actioned 3 points which we felt were the most important for our school, starting with litter and recycling (all actions and steps can be viewed on our action plan. 


Some of the steps and actions we have completed so far are: 

  • All Eco Warriors have access to little picking equipment and have a rota to complete little duties during the week. 
  • Planned an assembly for the whole school to share ideas about recycling and litter. 
  • All classrooms have a blue recycling bin and green compost bin. Eco warriors encourage both pupils and staff to recycle. 
All our hard work this year has meant we have been able to achieve the bronze aware for Eco schools.