Design and Technology:
DT is important to us at Dale Hall because it helps to prepare children for the developing world. It is an inspiring and practical subject which uses creativity and imagination. It encourages children to become problem solvers, both as individuals and as part of a team. The children combine practical skills with an understanding of social and environmental issues. They develop a broad range of subject knowledge, drawing on disciplines such as art, science, maths, ICT and engineering.  DT helps all children to become informed consumers and potential innovators.
Mrs. Parrish and Mrs. Hines
What does DT look like at Dale Hall?
Year 3
During the spring term Year 3 were very busy and enjoyed extending their understanding about food through making and evaluating sandwiches.
They covered the following learning outcomes:
- have an understanding of what a sandwich is and how to make one,
- put commonly eaten foods in their correct food groups,
- record their opinions of pre-made sandwiches commenting on taste, appearance, smell and texture,
- identify important aspects of hygiene before handling food,
- use sharp tools correctly to ensure safety and accuracy,
- use their knowledge from their research to choose ingredients for their own sandwich,
- work through a sequence of tasks to produce a sandwich,
- evaluate their sandwich and others' against their original design criteria.
 Image result for sandwiches
Year 3 also made pop-up wolves linked to their Power of Reading text. 
These covered the following learning outcomes:
- explain how simple pneumatic systems work using appropriate vocabulary, 
- are familiar with techniques for making simple pneumatic systems,
- construct an effective pneumatic system,
- design and make their own pneumatic system, 
- know how to evaluate their product and suggest improvements.
I'm sure you will agree they look amazing.
DT news
During the Spring half term holiday the children were invited to compete in a whole school DT competition linked to World Book Day. It was a huge success, thank-you to everyone who entered. The standard was so high and so hard to judge. It was lovely to see the progression of skills developing across the year groups. The winners were presented with their prizes in a whole school assembly. All the money raised will go towards improving and further equipping the DT cookery room.