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Our Curriculum at Dale Hall
“Learning has been defined in cognitive psychology as an alteration in long-term memory: “If nothing has altered in long-term memory nothing has been learned.” Progress, therefore, means knowing more (including knowing how to do more) and remembering more. When new knowledge and existing knowledge connect in learners’ minds, this gives rise to understanding. As learners develop unconscious competence and fluency, this will allow them to develop skills. Progress should not be defined by hitting the next data point. Rather, if learners attain within a well-sequenced, well-constructed curriculum, they are making progress.”  
OFSTED guidance
Curriculum update- March 2023
During the last two academic years, schools were faced with lockdowns and remote learning
but this year we are excited to reignite our curriculum journey. 
This year one of our school development priorities is ensuring diversity in all areas of the curriculum. Our leaders will be looking at diversity in their curriculum area aswell as reviewing our skills and knowledge overviews to ensure depth and progression.
Each curriculum leader has spent time this term updating their skills overview to ensure it encourage progression in their curriculum area. All of the new skills overviews now include information on the intent, implementation and impact of their subject. In a recent staff meeting curriculum leaders shared their next steps as a result of their curriculum monitoring.
Parent Quotes Nov 22
“The children are taught to improve themselves with growth mindset and 4Bs. It is not just about grades, do your best, it is about setting them up for life.” 
"The school encourages them to take risks and gives children confidence to try new things and grow. It's a very, very good school"
"The parent described a recent family trip to a museum. I was really impressed with the amount of knowledge my daughter had about Tudor life and history. She must be enjoying the lessons!"
Quote from supply teacher 2022
"Wow, it's quite amazing how broad your curriculum really is at Dale Hall. The children are so engaged and it's clear that they have the opportunity to learn so many skills and learn them deeply"

Diversity curriculum review 2022/2023

Quite often diversity is misunderstood and people think we have to completely change the entire school curriculum to incorporate it. Instead, true representation of diversity can be achieved in small but mighty ways. The ability to add diversity into the everyday life at Dale Hall is right at our fingertips...

However it is also important to recognise that creating a diverse curriculum isn’t a quick fix.  Our curriculum review will require curriculum leaders to rethink and review their areas to ensure that diversity is incorporated in a natural and purposeful way. 


A diverse curriculum should create pupils who:

  • Are global citizens who want to make the world a better place
  • Care about the world and have empathy with those around them
  • Think critically, ask questions and are articulate about their own opinions
  • Have the skills to understand and face an ever-changing world
Our previous Curriculum journey (2019-2022)
In 2019 as part of our School Development plan we began to review and redesign our curriculum. We started this during our January PD day where we began to work on our curriculum statements and staff discussed what our curriculum has to offer pupils at Dale Hall. We looked at what a broad and balanced curriculum looks like in reality. We reviewed the National Curriculum requirements for each Key Stage and reviewed coverage across our school. We looked at good practice in other schools and worked through the Ofsted Guidance.
At Dale Hall we have developed an immersive text led curriculum, focusing predominantly on skills as well as knowledge. We use the Power of Reading to ensure that all topics are themed around a text that is vocabulary rich and high quality.
This year curriculum continues to be a development priority. All subject leaders have created a skills/knowledge overview for their subject and reflected on what their subject has to offer pupils at Dale Hall. Have a look at their individual subject pages to find out more.
In autumn 1 subject leaders created action plans for their subject and focused on consistency in their subject. They monitored the way their subjects are planned for, delivered and assessed. Subject leaders developed their own curriculum pages on our website.
Summer term 2022
 Subject leaders carried out further monitoring in their subject areas. All subject leaders received CPD on cultural capital and reflected on what more we could do to enhance the cultural knowledge and experiences of our pupils. Subject leaders were asked to produce a curriculum statement for their subject which highlighted each subjects unique offer, bespoke to Dale Hall. We also joined the learning partnerships programme which offers high quality CPD and links to subject leader networks. 
Mrs Jade Spalding

Deputy Head and Curriculum Lead

I love my role as curriculum lead and I feel very grateful that I get to work alongside teachers, leaders, pupils and parents to make our curriculum the very best it can be. At Dale Hall we believe in creating memorable leaning experiences which give pupils both breadth and depth in skills and knowledge.
My goal is for every pupil to leave Dale Hall equipped for their next steps in the world...

Education should be about broadening minds, enriching communities and advancing civilisation. Ultimately it is about leaving the world a better place than we found it.
Amanda Spielman, 2019

Skills overviews for each subject can be found on each curriculum area page. You can also have a look at our class pages for our up to date Medium Term plans and Parent Leaflets. 
You can find the Primary National Curriculum here
The below document shows how the curriculum is implemented in EYFS